Vinegar Dill Sliced Cucumbers

For All Stages of the ITG Diet Plan

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For 2 people ()


  • 1 Long thin cucumber - like a hot house or European
  • 1.25 cup(s) Rice wine vinegar
  • 0.5 cup(s) White vinegar
  • 0.5 cup(s) Olive Oil
  • Fresh or dried dill weed and sea salt to taste

Vinegar Dill Sliced Cucumbers Directions

  1. Put the cucumber in a food processor or slice thin rounds with a knife or mandolin.
  2. Put cucumbers slices in a Tupperware bowl with rice wine vinegar, white vinegar and olive oil
  3. Sprinkle lots of dill weed fresh or dried and some sea salt.
  4. Place in fridge to chill…ENJOY!
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